All-in-one AC Coupled Unit
for existing PV system

TSUN offers an all-in-one AC Coupled Unit, which simplifies the whole energy storage system's installation process. The ACS series is composed of an AC coupled inverter, battery bank and pre-wired BMS system inside of a modern cabinet, embedded with connection devices and preset cable slot. Simple to install, safe, very reliable, and provides the lowest lifetime energy cost for retrofit customers.

—— Features ——

How AC Coupled Unit works

Mode Ⅰ

During the daytime, the electricity generated by the an grid system is preferentially supplied to the local home consumption and when there is more electricity produced, it will be charged by the energy storage system, if still there is electricity left, the remaining energy will go into the grid

Mode Ⅱ

During the daytime, the electricity generated by the on grid system is preferentially supplied to the local home consumption. If the energy praduced is not sufficient, the energy storage system will preferentially release the stored energy and supply to load. And if the power is still nat enough, the load will use electricity from grid.

Mode Ⅲ

During the night, the on grid system slops working and the energy storage system releases stored energy and supply the home consumption, if the energy is not sufficient, it will be provided from the grid.

Mode Ⅳ

In the event of grid breakdown, the on grid system will stop working due to anti-islanding protection. The energy storage system will supply energy via emergency interface to load.

Mode V

The energy storage system can use the grid to charge the battery. If the local peak and volley electricity price mode is adopted, the user can choose to charge the battery when the electricity price is low.

—— Technical Data ——

Battery parameters

AC Parameters

System Parameters


General Data

Emergency Power Supply