Customer Support

TsunESS Customer Support

Our international sales and service structure means our technology experts can be where you need them as quickly as possible.


  1. Q: Which countries and areas have TsunESS products available?

    A: We offer products and service in North America, South America, Australia, Aisa and Africa.

  2. Q: Can TsunESS’s inverters be directly used on my current solar system?

    A: Yes, TsunESS provides standard inverters which can be used directly.

  3. Q: How to replace an inverter?

    A: Contact TsunESS or any of our agencies to get a technician. If the malfunctioning inverter is within the warranty period and match the warranty terms, you can get a new one freely.

  4. Q: How to submit a suggestion or complaint?

    A: Please click this Inquery link to fill in the form. You'll be contacted or get a reply within 24 hours.

  5. Q: What’s the advantage of lithium battery compared with lead-acid battery as the former is cheaper?

    A: Lithium battery is more affordable in renewable energy systems and has a much longer service time. Detailed introduction is provided in our "Wiki" column.