Easy Solar Kit
Garden 2

TSUN Easy Solar Kit Garden 2, a combination of solar panel, micro inverter and angle-adjustable bracket, breaks the pattern of traditional solar panel installation, enabling more energy, easier installations,lower costs and higher protection.
Compared with Easy Solar Kit Garden 1, Easy Solar Kit Garden 2 is lighter and more economical, and can be fixed or adjustable.

TSUN Easy Solar Kit
can be placed in your garden, flat rooftop, platform, and etc.


Flat Rooftop




Combine micro inverter and high quality panel, with adjustable opening braket to maximize the electrical generating capacity.


The system integrates with solar panel, inverter, safety box (optional) and cables. Portable and foldable for various applications.


Plug & play connection, no requirement for professional installation, saving installation costs.


Under one system of TSUN warranty. 12-year system warranty, 25-year extra linear power output warranty on solar panel.

Product Highlights

High flexibility to customize products based on component power and brand.

Same length and width as PV modules, can be transported in standard module trays.

More economical solution, matching TSOL-M800 and TSOL-M1600 micro inverter.

Single product is light weight and can be delivered to the home by courier.

Packaging and Transportation

Each Easy Solar Kit is shipped as a separate package containing a PV panel, a micro inverter and a base plate. It allows for an integral installation, requiring no extra components.

The package is protected by special materials, firm and resistant to pressure, preventing potential damage during transportation.


The special designed base is lightweight and secured, allowing solar module and other components to be stored.

Windproof, anti-UV, maximum protects product safety and extends lifecycle.

The base can be used as part of the packaging material to increase pressure resistance and stability during product delivering and handling.


Portable, foldable, adjustable to the optimal illumination angle through the bracket to achieve maximum power generation.

Easy to install, no need for professional installation, you can install it yourself, saving installation time and cost.

Since micro inverter and AC cable has been integrated in advance, just open the box and fix the angle, plug and play, and you already have the system working.

Bricks or Sandbags can be filled in the base to further enhancing windproof.


Plug and play,simple to use.

Standard Configuration

Micro Inverter

Separate MPPT, individual optimization, max.efficiency
up to 96.7%

Plug & Play installation, expandable and flexible, real-time data accessible

Integrated LoM protection function, ensure the safety of power grid


PV Panel

Top brand, class A level panel, perfectly matching
TSUN micro inverter with maximum power output.

Base Plate

Easy to pack and transport

Wind resistant

Anti-UV, working under severe environment

System well protected by base plate packing during transportation

More power generated through adjusting the bracket to the optimal angle

AC End Cable

2.1 meters

It is used to connect the last kit to the grid, from the micro inverter of the last kit (or M3 safety box of the kit) to the grid distirbution box or outlet

Optional Accessories

VDE Standard AC Socket

Electrical conductor design inside the AC socket for safety protection.

Socket Power Meter

Easily measure the power consumption and cost of your appliances.

Simply plug the meter into the wall and insert the microinverter plug into the meter.

With this Power Meter Monitor, you can determine the cost of the device, whether the device is powered on, and when the device is charging.

AC Interconnection Cable

2m. Used for connection between every two Easy Solar Kits,
to form a continuous AC branch circuit.

Used for connection between every two Easy Solar Kits, to form a continuous AC branch circuit.

It can be used as an extension line, adapted to the needs of different lengths environment.

Base Fastener

Base Fastener is used to connect the base of two products. It is needed when using two or more products.

—— Technical Data ——

DC Power Data

AC Electrical Data


Environmental Data

Mechanical Data