Module-Level Rapid Shutdown Controller

TSOL-RSDM-CQ series Rapid Shutdown Control Unit is a fast shut-off device developed according to NEC2020 regulations. It controls the shutdown of RSDM-DD/DS, eliminate the high voltage threat of PV system modules. In emergency situations such as fire, protect the personal safety of rescuers and avoid electric shock accidents.

Highlights :

  • Operates in up to four PV array
  • Multiple shutdown methods
  • Plug and play ,easy installation
  • PLC control signaling
  • Compatibility with all panel
  • RSD status display

Module-Level Rapid Shutdown Controller

Shutdown With Controller

In emergency, it can be shut down manually through the module-level rapid shutdown controller RSDM-C.

Shutdown With Distribution Box

In emergency, firefighters or homeowners can manually turn off the AC power of the distribution box.

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Rapid Shutdown Device

Rapid Shutdown Controller