Module-Level Rapid Shutdown Device (Single Input) TSOL-RSDM-DS

TSOL-RSDM-DS series Rapid Shutdown Control Unit is a fast shut-off device developed according to NEC2020 regulations. It operates one standard PV module, eliminate the high voltage threat of PV system modules. In emergency situations such as fire, protect the personal safety of rescuers and avoid electric shock accidents.

Highlights :

  • Operates one standard PV module
  • Shutdown panel to 0V at microsecond
  • Plug and Play Easy Installation
  • PLC control signaling
  • PVRSS with multiple inverters
  • Over temperature protection Automatic shutdown

Module-Level Rapid Shutdown Device (Single Input)

Automatic Shutdown

Automatically shutdown the DC power of panels when detecting temperature of the area is higher than 85℃.

Shutdown With Distribution Box

In an emergency, firefighters or homeowners can manually turn off the AC power of the distribution box.

Shutdown With Inverter

In an emergency, it can be manually turned off by the DC switch in the SUNSPEC inverter.

Shutdown With Controller

In an emergency, it can be shut down manually through the module-level rapid shutdown controller RSDM-C.

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Rapid Shutdown Device

Rapid Shutdown Controller