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Rapid Shutdown


Rapid Shutdown is a concept of assuring PV system safety introduced by US National Electrical Code (NEC). The main purpose is to protect firefighters, PV system installers and maintenance personnel. Back in 2014, NEC issued the standard “Component Level self-shutdown Solution” (NEC2014 690.12), which explicitly required that all PV systems in buildings should be equipped with rapid-shutdown switches, and the DC voltage of PV system needs to drop below 30V within 10 seconds. In the 2017 edition of NEC690.12, there was more specific requirement for this rapid shutdown – with a distance of 305mm from the PV array set as a limit, within 30 seconds after initial the rapid-shutdown switch, the DC voltage should drop below 30V outside the limit range and below 80V within the limit range.
The solar installers and owners need a reliable and durable Rapid Shutdown Solution which would be effective during the whole PV panels life cycle. TSUN Rapid Shutdown Control Unit is a cost-effective rapid shundown device. Through one-button operation, the DC high voltage will be limited to the roof or near the modules. In emergency situations such as fire, the personal safety of firefighter is protected to a certain extent to avoid electric shock accidents.

House on fire!!!

Solar system is still working, high DC power on roof, if with water, firefighters are in danger, can’t put out fire whatsoever.

NO!!! House burned down.

Before Installation

House on fire!!!

Rapid shutdown control unit cut off solar power automatically or manually, no life risk put out fire using water, firefighter can work now.

Fire put out, house is safe now.

After Installation